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The full program is released for Malmö's design festival Southern Sweden Design Days

Map over Malmö filled with program activities

How does Sami craftsmanship meet a mass-produced choice of material? How can children's stories create sustainable and meaningful spaces and products? How can designers work with leftover materials from furniture manufacturers? In a packed program with over 150 program activities, at more than 60 different locations in Malmö, the city is filled with design. The entire program can be discovered at southernswedendesigndays.com.

The purpose of Southern Sweden Design Days is to spread knowledge about design, architecture and crafts - with a focus on sustainability, cooperation, development and innovation. The festival is aimed at a broad public as well as professional visitors. The festival's main arena takes place in the old railway workshops Lokstallarna in the Kirseberg district of Malmö.

- 'Main Location' is filled with over 30 bigger exhibitions, workshops for children, food court and a live studio with seminars and panel discussions on a whopping 6,000 sqm. There is an exciting meeting happening where we have a building that has a strong personality and history and filling that with inspiring and innovative design, says project manager Ann Isler.

Visitors get to experience design from different perspectives in different places around Malmö, while at the same time being given the opportunity to discover new areas of the city. This year's program spreads across more than 60 locations across the city, from Limhamn in the west to Valdemarsro in the east. Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center.

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Highlights of the program

This year's theme for Southern Sweden Design Day's program is dissonance, with the aim to spark creativity and the desire to drive change in an existence that is abrasive.



General lack of sporty knowledge does not stop Candytuft. The design duo has taken over Malmö Rowing Club's gym and changing room and is inviting Malmö to a four-day home game. A sweaty exhibition filled with opposing teams, locker room talk, corrupt referees and ecstatic supporters. Together with a group of artists and designers, pieces are created on the theme of SPORTS. On this playing field, winners and losers share the podium! 

Participants: Ebba Lindgren, Maria O’Brian, Linda Ottosson, Jennifer Idrizi, Lisa Vaccino , Hanna Säll + Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä, Elizabeth Lewis, Graham Adey, Sofie Håwi + Mikkel Garde, Carl Fredrik Emrik, Lotta Grimborg, Evelina Björnqvist, Anna Gudmundsdottir + Oskar Olsson
Location: Malmö Roddklubb 


Fisker Ocean, Fisker Inc.


California-based Fisker Inc. wants to revolutionise the automotive industry by designing and developing individual mobility in alignment with nature. Driven by a vision of a clean future for all, the company is on a mission to create the world’s most sustainable and emotional electric vehicles. The company's first product, the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV, is now being launched. Designed from start to finish by Henrik and his team, the five-passenger car is ready to disrupt the automotive world through its craftsmanship, engineering, innovation, affordability, and sustainability.

Participant: Fisker Inc.
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna


Crafted Potentials, Kajsa Willner, Olsson & Gerthel, Fogia


An exhibition arranged by Olsson & Gerthel, who has invited furniture manufacturer Fogia to collaborate with designer Kajsa Willner, to explore the untapped potential of residual materials and by-products from the company's manufacturing process. Crafted Potential is an exhibition that celebrates all the opportunities with looking at waste as an untapped material resource and how different strategies can implement systems where residual materials can achieve their full potential.

Participants: Kajsa Willner, Fogia, Olsson & Gerthel
Location: Olsson & Gerthel

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Doarras, Katarina Kielatis, Photo: Carl–Johan Utsi


A mass-produced choice of materials meets the Sami craft 'duodje'. Duodje is the foundation that has been transformed into this work with a well-known Swedish company's blue plastic bags with details in red and yellow cloth that are hand-sewn on the edges, as well as a hand-woven wool band, 'lissto'. Dissonance is created when the traditional Sami knowledge meets the destructive consumer society.

Participant: Katarina Kielatis
Location: Breadfield 

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Lika Olika, VI PÅ ÖN


Designers tend to solve problems and issues by adding innovative products, systems or ideas. But in a world heavily affected by overconsumption and production, the question is asked about the designer’s role and importance. The public art space Anon moves seamlessly from sustainable thinking to radical action. During Southern Sweden Design Days the space will open its door to an exhibition about grief, losses and objects we might need to bury to be able to gaze into a better future.

Participants: When!When!, Institute for Transition
Location: Anon 

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Art: Agnes Printz


In connection with the launch of Julia Tuvesson's book "Tomat Tomat," Kulladal's showroom opens and invites visitors to an exhibition, reflection, and an interactive food experience about the role of the kitchen, our personal relationship to the kitchen, and our childhood memories connected to it. The book revolves around growing up and the tomato as an ingredient and everyday hero becomes a red thread throughout life - from mom's pâté sandwiches, dad's spaghetti bolognese and ketchup with Happy meals. The visitor is taken on a journey into Julia's childhood kitchen world. There will be video games, hang around the kitchen island, music and lots of delicious tomato dishes. A conscious contrast of the different phases of life in a kitchen.

Participants: Kulladal Kitchens, Julia Tuvesson
Location: Kulladal Kitchens Showroom

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Lika Olika, VI PÅ ÖN


Lika olika is a series of wall shelves created from waste and recycled materials. The wall shelves are similar in their function and size, but different in material, technique and expression created based on the given conditions of the material. By making from what already exists, studio VI PÅ ÖN gives themselves a framework before knowing where it will lead. Not necessarily to create harmony but rather to surprise both themselves and others.

Participants: VI PÅ ÖN
Location: Beyond Us  

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Nesting, Yasmina Karli Malmsten, Daniela Doe


Nesting is an exhibition that explores the relationship between the objects we choose to surround ourselves with and the ways in which they enrich and adorn our inner lives. From the everyday objects that bring comfort and familiarity to the decorative accents that reflect our personal style and aspirations. In this exhibition, Yasmina and Daniela explores how we as humans can take our experiences and thoughts from a mental plane and translate them into something physical and tangible. By creating a haven for dreams and ideas, the visitor is invited to reflect on their own nest-building experiences and the stories behind the objects that have special meaning to them.

Participants: Yasmina Karli Malmsten, Daniela Doe
Location: SURR Studio 

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Pundarslöjd, studio dernevik


In a pop-up gallery curated by Malmöites Ossian Theselius and Axel Dernevik, visitors are welcomed to a long table where objects and artefacts make up the party participants. In the room are some of Sweden's leading young designers and artists represented in the form of furniture, objects and prints. Several of the participants are known through exhibitions in Europe, Ung Svensk Form and Liljevalchs Vårsalong.

Participants: Ossian Theselius, Sudio Dernevik, Katrin Almquist, August Håkansson Orswall, Martin Thübeck, Dorthe Gotlieb, Jakob Warg, Per Heldorf and others. 
Location: Liket Bar 

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Unik Fabrik, Dialogen formar rummet


Through dialogue and co-creation, the children's stories are captured and shaped into sustainable and meaningful spaces and products in public environments. There is an imbalance in society over who gets to speak. The exhibition invites to conversations about the importance of involving children and young people in design and development processes, shows completed projects and to discuss new ones.

Participants: Unik Fabrik, Kluster Periskop
Location: Verket Studio 

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Region skånes designpris, Peder Karlsson och Yesol Kim


Region Skåne's design award rewards good design of a product, function or service that is important for regional development. The 2023 winner of the award wants to change society's view of disability from a medical condition to instead seeing the person - with their lifestyle, identity, style and taste. No matter what conditions we have and what we look like, our lives are worth living to the fullest. That is the basic idea of the furniture brand Lilla Elefant, created by industrial designer Yesol Kim and cabinetmaker Peder Karlsson. They have investigated what everyday problems people with disabilities often experience and how, with the help of design, they can make their lives easier - and more beautiful!

Participants: Region Skåne, Lina Wedin, Lilla Elefant
Location: SSDD Studio 

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→ Discover more program activities at southernswedendesigndays.com

Om Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center i Malmö är den främsta mötesplatsen för arkitektur, design och konsthantverk i södra Sverige. I en unik kulturhistorisk miljö i centrala Malmö kan du uppleva utställningar, workshops och föreläsningar, eller besöka butiken och tidskriftscaféet. Form/Design Center är en plattform för branschen och driver olika hållbarhetsprojekt. Form/Design Center är utsedd av regeringen som nationell nod för gestaltad livsmiljö och officiell partner i New European Bauhaus. Form/Design Center startades 1964 som en del av den ideella föreningen Svensk Form och drivs idag med stöd av Kulturdepartementet, Malmö stad, Region Skåne och Statens kulturråd.


Kommunikationschef – Form/Design Center
Marina Jackler
Projektledare Southern Sweden Design Days – Form/Design Center
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