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State Secretary Karin Svanborg Sjövall opens Southern Sweden Design Days

SSDD Main location

Karin Svanborg Sjövall, State Secretary to Minister of Culture Parisa Liljestrand, opens this year's edition of Southern Sweden Design Days with an opening speech at the design festival's main arena Lokstallarna on Thursday, 25 May at 11.15.

 With a packed program with over 160 program activities, at more than 60 different locations in Malmö, the city is filled with design. At 11.00 on 25 May, the doors to Southern Sweden Design Days' 'Main Location' opens at Lokstallarna in the Kirseberg district of Malmö. The old locomotive sheds is the design festivals gathering place with over 6,000 m² of exhibition space, workshops for children, food court and live studio with seminars and panel discussions in front of an audience.

On Thursday and Friday, 'SSDD Studio' broadcasts live panel discussions, seminars, interviews and workshops from Lokstallarna. Everyone is welcome to visit the studio and take part in the program which will be held in English to reach an international audience.

– We are thrilled to annonce that we have increased the number of exhibitions at Lokstallarna för this year's design festival, says Ann Isler, project manager. Showcasing over 30 larger exhibitions both inside and outside the hall visitors can explore design in all its forms. We have also built an amphitheatre inside the hall where visitors can experience the entire SSDD Studio program on site.

Other news is that the Main Location will have several activities and workshops for children, such as spray painting, design hunt and drop-in workshops. Investing in pedagogy and intermediation with initiatives towards children and youth aims to strengthen the festival's consistent focus on spreading knowledge.

Visitors to Main Location can purchase tickets at the entrance to Lokstallarna for 45 SEK, the ticket is valid for all four days. Children and youths aged 0–18 enter for free.

Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center– the main venue for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden.


Highlights of the program


Karin Svanborg Sjövall, State Secretary to Minister for Culture Parisa Liljestrand, opens this year's edition of Southern Sweden Design Days with a speech.

Participants: Karin Svanborg Sjövall
Location: SSDD Studio, Lokstallarna
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By finding the perfect balance of everything from quality and pricing to functionality and aesthetics, our beautifully crafted products don’t only feel reasonable, they evoke a greater sense of emotional and physical well-being. It has always been like this, and the song remains the same, from the experimental age of the 60s to the classics of tomorrow. Skandiform's knowledge, experience, and intuition still help people work, dine, wait, learn, and evolve in a natural way. Enjoy Scandinavian design with all your senses.

Participants: Skandiform
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna
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For 80 years IKEA has been the happy rebels furnishing homes all over the world. In this talk they will explore where dissonance has been an important component to create great design and what could be some of the dissonances for today. Sharing some thoughts connecting the past, the present and the future through one of their upcoming collections called Nytillverkad.

Participants: IKEA, Karin Gustavsson, Johan Edjemo
Location: SSDD Studio, Lokstallarna
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SPOK (Contemporary Production and consumption) - is a digital platform and a network of hubs that lists local manufacturers - from crafts to industry. Through highlighting manufacturing opportunities for creative companies to produce locally and sustainably, all the way from production to consumption. SPOK shows the range of materials and manufacturing methods listed on their platform. In the exhibition, the visitor can examine samples from categories such as wood, metal, textile, glass, plastic, stone, etc. The material samples represent the various knowledge that exists within Swedish manufacturing and aim to inspire more practitioners to produce locally.

Participants: SPOK
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna
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We love design and are convinced that good design can change the world for the better. But at the same time climate change continues to endanger our planet, we produce and consume way too much. The window on a liveable future will close if we don't act now. How do we deal with and act on all these mixed feelings? An intimate session of Swedish Design Therapy with interesting panel of designers open up their hearts to a climate psychologist, and ask the questions that are seldom openly discussed.

Participants: Swedish Design Movement, Svenska Institutet, Malmö Stad, Svensk Form
Location: SSDD Studio, Lokstallarna
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Malmö University’s Interaction Design Masters projects challenge users' expectations, perceptions, and emotions, to create new perspectives and insights. From soundscapes to interactive devices, we aim to create experiences that go beyond the familiar and predictable, evoking a range of responses and reactions.

Participants: Malmö Universitet, Aline Zimmermann Maya Simões, Annita Souka, Bianca Traistar, Ecenur Bacaksizlar, Eoghan O’Connor, Fermin Aranda Avila, Gianmarco Gradellini, Joan Pla, John Cowhie, Josefin Klintberg, Maida Sijaric, Max Agenius, Omar Labombarda, Patryk Banach, Roksana Patrzalek, Sarah Skavron, Simone Brandão, Sofia Mitsigkola
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna
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Through a workshop together with Ajja, visitors can discover the joy and curiosity in testing and getting to know the different techniques that exist with spraying paint on canvas. The visitor is challenged to dare to spray over the works of others, spray under, together with others and find their inner artist in the tones of the music. The workshop is mainly aimed at children and young people, but adults are also welcome to try it out.

Participants: AJJA ARTS
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna
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The 'marbling' method combines art and science to create beautiful patterns. We often think of scientists as precise and logic-based, while artists are voluntary and impulsive. It seems logical that you can either be a scientist or an artist, not both. But the truth is that science and art are more aligned than we think. When we integrate science and art, we see creativity at its best! Visit SSDD Junior to create a marbling effect on paper using science experiments.

Participants: Djuuno Activities
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna
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Cities are the crucibles of our collective daily experiences, where the opportunities and challenges of urban life shape the fabric of society. Design, as a democratic process, has an important role to play in catalyzing urban change and improving the built environment. In this workshop, we will explore theoretical concepts of design and urban change and experiment with tools and methods through interactive simulations.

Participants: Abbas Sbeity
Location: SSDD Studio, Lokstallarna
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Fly Around is an outdoor installation of shirt sleeves. They (a)dress the wind in a similar manner as a flag and point out a directional balance to guide the viewer through the installation. Because they are directed by the movement of the wind, the route through the sleeve maze can be different each time or in constant change. The installation embodies the wind both in turbulent and calm times. This alters the experience and expression of the work in relation to dissonance, similar to the weather (and social) climate we live in today. 

Participants: Objective
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna
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→ Explore the full program on southernswedendesigndays.com

Om Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center i Malmö är den främsta mötesplatsen för arkitektur, design och konsthantverk i södra Sverige. I en unik kulturhistorisk miljö i centrala Malmö kan du uppleva utställningar, workshops och föreläsningar, eller besöka butiken och tidskriftscaféet. Form/Design Center är en plattform för branschen och driver olika hållbarhetsprojekt. Form/Design Center är utsedd av regeringen som nationell nod för gestaltad livsmiljö och officiell partner i New European Bauhaus. Form/Design Center startades 1964 som en del av den ideella föreningen Svensk Form och drivs idag med stöd av Kulturdepartementet, Malmö stad, Region Skåne och Statens kulturråd.


Kommunikationschef – Form/Design Center
Marina Jackler