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Program release for Malmö's design festival Southern Sweden Design Days

Malmö's international design festival Southern Sweden Design Days will be held 25–28 May 2023 for the third year in a row. During four days, Malmö will be filled with exhibitions, seminars, workshops and festivities at more than 60 different locations in the city. Lokstallarna in Kirseberg is the festival's Main location with 6,000 square meters of exhibitions and a live studio. Today, the first 80 program activities are available at southernswedendesigndays.com.

Southern Sweden Design Days spreads knowledge about design, architecture and crafts - with a focus on sustainability, cooperation, development and innovation. The festival is aimed at a broad public as well as professional visitors. Visitors get to experience design from different perspectives in various places around Malmö, which also is an opportunity to discover new areas of the city. Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center.

A sneak peek of the program can already be explored in the outdoor exhibition "PRE-SSDD" at Parktorget in Folkets Park in Malmö. Until 27 April, nine of this year's participants present objects, processes and visions ahead of Southern Sweden Design Days.

Highlights of the program

This year's theme for Southern Sweden Design Day's program is dissonance, with the aim to spark creativity and the desire to drive change in an existence that is abrasive.


The exhibition presents a selection of works from Gothenburg University Campus Steneby's exam projects that explore craft-based approaches built on material knowledge. The tone of the works is an interpretation of the aspiration that the world is facing today. The craftspersons and the designer's decisions are increasingly loaded with ethical and political questions of material choice and aesthetic expression. Finding the right tone has never been more important. During the uncertainty of this time, the next generation of designers are showing their work. Expressions contrast with each other, even a fleeting sense of harmony can be present.

Participants: University of Gothenburg, Campus Steneby
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna

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Fiber Land Jenny Nordberg


The materials we use here are usually not produced here, but far away, is a consequence of dysfunctional production systems, and a lack of knowledge about the opportunities here in Sweden. Business Opportunities is an exhibition created by the Fiber Land project that highlights various material applications of the locally produced fibers hemp, flax and wool. Applications that have all the prerequisites to become commercially viable alternatives to far-away-produced fibers such as cotton or synthetic materials. In the exhibition, visitors can view and touch a number of material samples. There will also be furniture and objects designed by Ebba Lindgren and Jenny Nordberg made from the three fibers.

Participants: Fiber Land, Jenny Nordberg Design Studio, Länsstyrelsen i Skåne, STPLN, Ebba Lindgren
Location: c/o Förstberg Ling Studio

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Sunny days ahead is a wish for better days and what we can do while longing for them. Working with tight time frames and small budgets. To use local, sustainable materials and to maintain the joy and desire to explore through a design process. The designer Pia Högman shows the design process and tests the possibilities and limitations of the material by building furniture from recycled bricks in a glass container for a month in front of an audience in Folkets Park in Malmö before Southern Sweden Design Days. Högman takes the viewer on the journey from material selection to finished furniture. During Southern Sweden Design Days, the furniture will be part of the outdoor seating at restaurant BISe in Malmö.

Part of the exhibition is shown during PRE-SSDD in Folkets Park until 27 April.

Participants: Pia Högman
Location: BISe

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In the exhibition Resonance, works by six craft artists are presented where dissonance, this year's overarching theme for Southern Sweden Design Days, has guided the selection for the exhibition. Here, individual objects come together in a varied spectrum of materials, expressions and crafts come together to form a new whole – a visual journey from dissonance to resonance. Through the exhibition, craftsmanship is also emphasized as a counterforce to a contemporary society of mass consumption and time optimisation.

Participants: The Swedish Craft Centre, Anja Fredell, Frida Lundén Mörck, Jögge Sundqvist, Laura Blake, Linn Sjöstedt, Ulrika Swärd.
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna

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The lamp Phi explores ideas about creativity and alternative production methods in a world going through times of change. Phi questions how, in shifting to a local mode of production, we can find new expressions based on the possibilities that exist around us. How can designs with a complex idea be manufactured by simply assembling parts, without advanced tools and processes? Can an individual designer building short series from their own home have the same impact as a larger company?

Part of the exhibition is shown during PRE-SSDD in Folkets Park until 27 April.

Participants: Viktor Johansson
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna

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In:Tangible brings together 27 designers and design researchers in a group exhibition with a focus on future design practice. The initiators, producers and curators are Karin Olu Lindgård and Kajsa Willner, who run Formgivarpodden and both are practicing designers themselves. With In:Tangible, they want to further investigate and visualise the complexity within contemporary Scandinavian design practice.

Participants: Formgivarpodden + Wang & Söderström, Nick Ross, Pettersen & Hein, Matti Klenell, Fredrik Paulsen, Åsa Jungnelius, Note, Jenny Nordberg, Louise Hederström och Lisa Hilland et al.
Location: Form/Design Center

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The circular kitchen is a sketch for a new type of kitchen adapted to our times' need to change to a more sustainable way of life, which minimizes packaging and transport. A kitchen adapted to growing hydroponically, sprouting, brewing, composting, fermenting, drying, grinding, recycling and transforming food scraps into new nutrition and soil on site. The kitchen has its own circular system!

Participants: Belleville Arkitektkontor AB
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna

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At THE COWGIRL GALLERY the exhibition NEON & ROCOCO is shown with the artists and designers Josefin Eklund, Ebba Lindgren and INGRID. Josefin Eklund designs her own artwork, makes custom neon signs and installations. Her art is usually visualized through large installations, sculptural form or on a mirror. Ebba Lindgren's design practice is artistic and concept-driven. She designs furniture, objects and interiors. By letting big and extravagant ideas take place in small contexts, Lindgren has created an approach to design that is smart, desire-driven and unconventional. Ingrid Arnsand Jonsson, is a multidisciplinary artist, art director, graphic designer and illustrator. Inspired by the idea of ​​what reality is made of, she finds curiosity about what can be created in the digital world versus our physical world.

Participants: Josefin Eklund, Ebba Lindgren, INGRID
Location: The Cowgirl Gallery

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In a place full of hard materials and forgotten vegetation, the landscape architect Julia Askander and the garden engineer Sandra Ehrsköld starting point is the old railway parks and are inspired by these green spaces created for the train drivers to spend their free time and be able to recover in. Outside Lokstallarna, a green room is created on a place that today lies unused and out of sight – a soft oasis in contrast to the environment outside. "OAS" wants to show the importance of design in the creation of green environments. That design includes the creation of a feeling and a place, in a way tied to practical use but without being a specific object of use.

Participants: Julia Askaner, Sandra Ehrsköld
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna (Outdoor installation)

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An interactive exhibition by the art and design collective Swedish Girls, which consists of Josefin Zachrisson, Mira Bergh, Julia Jondell and Matilda Ellow. The collective describes their work as a 'conceptualised reality' which they visualise through physical and digital installations. Swedish Girls have gained international attention by creating installations that move in a borderland between design and art. With their objects and installations, they lead the viewer into a time and space where it is unclear what is reality and what is fiction.

Participants: Digitaliseum, Swedish Girls
Location: Digitaliseum

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→ Discover more program activities at southernswedendesigndays.com

Om Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center in Malmö is the main meeting place for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden. In a unique cultural-historical environment in central Malmö, you can experience exhibitions, workshops and lectures, or visit the shop and magasine café. Form/Design Center is a platform for the industry and runs various sustainability projects. Form/Design Center is appointed by the government as the national node for designed living environment and official partner in the New European Bauhaus. Form/Design Center was started in 1964 as part of the non-profit association Svensk Form and is run today with the support of the Department of Culture, the city of Malmö, Region Skåne and the State Council for Culture.


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