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Malmö's international design festival opens today

With a packed program at more than 60 different locations in Malmö, the city is filled with design. Today at 11:00 the doors will open to Southern Sweden Design Day's main arena at the old railway workshops Lokstallarna in the district of Kirseberg in Malmö. The festival runs from 25–28 May. The entire program can be discovered at southernswedendesigndays.com

Lokstallarna form a gathering place for the design festival with over 6,000 m² of exhibition space, workshops for children, a food court and a live studio with seminars and panel discussions.

'SSDD Studio' at Lokstallarna offers a packed program with panel discussions, seminars, interviews and workshops on Thursday and Friday. Everyone is welcome to visit the studio and take part in the program during the days. The program is in English and is also live streamed on the website.

Visitors at Lokstallarna buy a ticket at the entrance for SEK 45, which is valid for all four days. Children and young people aged 0–18 enter for free. The program at other locations in the city is free of charge.

Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center in Malmö – the main meeting place for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden..

Highlights of the program

This year's theme for Southern Sweden Design Day's program is dissonance, with the aim to spark creativity and the desire to drive change in an existence that is abrasive.


An exhibition with some of Sweden's leading designers and artists who explore the borderland between dream and reality. The exhibition is shown in Lisa Hilland's workshop and studio, which she shares with her mother, the watercolor artist Margo, Margaretha Olsson, who also participates.

Participants: Kajsa Willner, Maxjenny Forslund, Mats Theselius, Helene Toresdotter, Margo Margaretha Olsson, Lisa Hilland, sa:k designstudio
Location: Atelier Lisa Hilland
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In the ceramics workshop Artibus, ceramicists produce works based on the same theme, Chaos. Chaos creates order, creates new paths, creates paths, creates mess, leads to new inventions, new ideas, combinations, meetings, acquaintances. Shows new places, uses, methods. Chaos can create stillness, disorder, can create dissonance and harmony.

Participants: Artibus, Mattis Rosenbaum, Melissa Ciardullo, Karina Pioner, Lisa Rizell, Emma Gudmunds, Amanda Ekstedt, Elsa Hallqvist, Tilda Mårtensson, Alma Ånhammar, Ewa Lantz, Séverine Monsonégo, Anna Grahn, Lisa Niklasson, Maria Richardsson, Cecilia Baylav, Humle Rosenkvist, Vanessa Rabal
Location: Artibus
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The works in "The Exhale Infection" start as a glass body that I fill with my air but it becomes infected which causes it to become a dissonance. It loses air, exhales, collapses but it forms a new form that is going somewhere. The bodies carry the infections, don't they get rid of them? Or has the new form had to accept its fate and take them with it as its baggage into the new? 

Participants: Glass by Bravo
Location: Jungmansgatan 22D
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OO is a design-duo who's always been humming on a dissonant tone that balances between beautiful/ugly, whole/broken and too much/little. Curiosity is the force that pushes them through different materials and techniques. Wood, plastic, ceramic and metal. They cast, 3d-print and lathes. The ambition is to create more or less useful objects that are always made with alot of love and personality.

Participants: Oskar Olsson, Olof Janson
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna
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Currently, more and more people like to shop online. And corrugated cardboard is a frequently used protective material during transport. When we receive packages, we save the goods we have bought, but most of the time we throw away the corrugated cardboard as rubbish. I think it's a bit of a shame. So I've made several pieces of jewelry out of corrugated cardboard to show off the beautiful qualities of corrugated cardboard that we overlook.

Participants: Lili Lu Studio
Location: Beyond Us
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Apparitions is a collection of sculptures made of driftwood and reclaimed wood. The project is an exploration of the potential and limitations of found or recycled material and how they influence the creative process. Somehow ghosts of their former purpose, salvaged and brought back in a new shape, these shadow-like and familiar forms embrace imperfection and impermanence. A gathering of shapes joined into a new whole, each with its own story.

Participants: Klara Bonifazio Hedener
Location: Folkets Park
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With almost 50 years of experience under our belt, we offer a handpicked collection of carpets, lighting, furniture and now lately also art. At this point, we have collected a long list of reference projects in offices, hotels, retail, learning environments and private homes. We have previously been in both Stockholm and Gothenburg, but now we are finally inaugurating our showroom in Malmö!

Participants: Dahl Agenturer
Location: Södra Promenaden 53
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Charlie Davidson Studio presents The Object of Desire: a collection of extreme bodies disguised as chaise longues, a type of furniture associated with femininity and seduction. The work has been ongoing for over ten years and implements a wide range of materials, manufacturing processes and modeling techniques. Davidson creates a narrative around society's role in shaping, distorting and objectifying the female body. Each chaise has a unique structural shape that eliminates the need for a body or doll inside.

Participants: Charlie Davidson Studio
Location: Main Location, Lokstallarna
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In a workshop led by Louan Wang, visitors can discover the beauty of Swedish pines by trying the Japanese tradition of 'Kokedama' by growing plants in hanging moss balls. Kokedama, or poor man's bonsai as it is also known, is a craft tradition where the roots of a plant grow out of a ball of moss and soil. It is a representation of the wabi-sabi aesthetic or the appreciation of nature's imperfection.

Participants: Locally Alien, Louan Wang
Location: STPLN
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As part of Southern Sweden Design Days, Pass-The-Aux highlights modern music production and sampling as craft. By raising awareness of the dissonance between technological, legal and cultural processes that shape the future of sample-based music. Pass-The-Aux is an event series that creates time and space for music producers, beatmakers and artists to share demos, unfinished songs and unreleased music.

Participants: On Cite Malmö, Skånes Stadsmission, Höstlöv Eventtektik
Location: Skånes Stadsmission
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A conversation and scouting about design and how it is used in the Scandinavian countries. Representatives from the Norwegian design organization DOGA and the Swedish design organizations Svensk Form and SVID, Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign and Svenska Designsällskapet participate in the conversation. This is the seventh seminar in the series Design talks with inspiration from the study Design som utvecklingskraft (Design as a force for development).

Participants: Tor Inge Hjemdal, Sara Gry Striegler, Jonas Olsson, Mats Widblom
Location: SSDD Studio, Lokstallarna
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→ Explore more program activities at southernswedendesigndays.com

Om Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center i Malmö är den främsta mötesplatsen för arkitektur, design och konsthantverk i södra Sverige. I en unik kulturhistorisk miljö i centrala Malmö kan du uppleva utställningar, workshops och föreläsningar, eller besöka butiken och tidskriftscaféet. Form/Design Center är en plattform för branschen och driver olika hållbarhetsprojekt. Form/Design Center är utsedd av regeringen som nationell nod för gestaltad livsmiljö och officiell partner i New European Bauhaus. Form/Design Center startades 1964 som en del av den ideella föreningen Svensk Form och drivs idag med stöd av Kulturdepartementet, Malmö stad, Region Skåne och Statens kulturråd.


Kommunikationschef – Form/Design Center
Marina Jackler