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Highlights for Malmö’s design festival Southern Sweden Design Days

Map Southern Sweden Design Days 2024With 160 program activities at 70 locations the festival is spreading out all over Malmö.

How can our food system become more sustainable and adapted to what people, the planet and society need? How can creativity, self-confidence and new environments be developed with the children's perspective and needs in focus? In what way can designers create new things based on discarded, unattractive residual materials from the furniture and car industries? In a packed program with 160 program activities, at 70 different locations in Malmö, the city is filled with design. The entire program can be discovered at southernswedendesigndays.com.

The purpose of Southern Sweden Design Days is to spread knowledge about design, architecture and crafts - with a focus on sustainability, cooperation, development and innovation. The festival is aimed at a broad public as well as professional visitors. The festival's main arena takes place in the old railway workshops Lokstallarna in the Kirseberg district of Malmö.

– At ’Main location’ this year, visitors will get to experience over 40 exhibitions, activities for children as well as seminars and talks live in SSDD Studio, with both Swedish and international creators. Our concept for children, SSDD Junior, returns after the success last year with even more design workshops, both at Main location and across the city, says project manager Ann Isler.

Visitors get to experience design from different perspectives in different places around Malmö, while at the same time being given the opportunity to discover new areas of the city. This year's program spreads across 70 locations around the city, from Limhamn in the west to Arlöv in the east. Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center.

Apply for press accreditation to Main location on our website.

Program highlights

This year's theme for the program of Southern Sweden Design Days is ’CARE’. To CARE is to look after and provide for the needs of others. From intimate, personal subjects to large-scale contexts, CARE covers a wide spectrum of topics. Explore the entire program with 160 program activities here →

Airbag Project


M.U.S has invited local fashion creators and textile artists to work with waste airbags from the local car industry. This material is currently impossible for the industry to re-use and extremely hard to recycle thus most likely to end up in landfills. The brief for the invited creatives is to create a free concept based on the material that sheds new light on its potential to be re-used in a different industry. These examples are showcased in a group exhibition hosted at APLACE Malmö. APLACE was founded in 2007. It emerged from a magazine showcasing progressive Scandinavian fashion and has grown to be the home of more than 50, renowned fashion brands as well as up-and-coming smaller local, designers it is today.

Participants: Malmö Upcycling Service (M.U.S), Studio 234+, Studio Soriano, Pampas, Purple Rinse, Jóna Berglind Stefánsdóttir
Location: APLACE
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At this exhibition, you'll have the opportunity to witness firsthand how Finn turns trash into treasure. His innovative designs questions our conception of interior aesthetics, offering a fresh perspective on interior decor.

Awarded artist and designer Finn Ahlgren's work evolves around a philosophy that in short revolves around accepting the aesthetic shortcomings of things. Through his furniture company NÖJ DIG Finn manufactures furniture by hand from discarded, unattractive materials. As the name suggests, NÖJ DIG's philosophy is to be content with what one already has, especially from an aesthetic perspective. By building furniture from already worn materials, NÖJ DIG anticipates future wear and tear and uses the imperfections to its advantage.

*Nöj dig Be content

Participants: Finn Ahlgren, Wingårdhs
Location: Wingårdhs
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Pundarslöjd del 2


Welcome to this years rendition of Pundarslöjd. We proudly present some of the best up and coming and some firmly established talents of Sweden with participants that has had their works displayed and acclaimed both domestically and internationally. We focus on the narrow and eclectic side of life, art and design.

Participants: Axel Dernevik, Ossian Theselius
Location: 18 Hål
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Oberoende matstaden


Our food system finds itself at a pivotal point in history. On the brink of collapse — or transformation. It all depends on what we do now. We believe in the possibility of a better future. One where the food system begins to adapt to what people, the planet, and society truly need. And we believe it starts in the cities.

In the exhibitionThe independent food city we get to experience a transformed Malmö with many different senses. A Malmö where a bustling mix of people, production methods, and innovative collaborations have shaped a new and sustainable food system. A city ready for the future.

Participants: Sally, EY Doberman, The City of Malmö, Innovation Skåne
Location: Main location, Lokstallarna
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BISE x SSDD 2024

BISe has become an obvious name in Malmö's restaurant scene since the opening last year. BISe is a place that strives to get away from clear concepts. The menu is fluid and constantly changing, based on classic French cuisine but occasionally with a Japanese or Swedish twist.

For Southern Sweden Design Days, a selection of designers have been invited to 'SSDD-ify' the venue and display objects in the restaurant. During SSDD, BISe is also dedicating its new bar "Bar Bisou" as the event's official hangout for participants - Malmö's equivalent to Bar Basso during Milan Design Week. Throughout the festival week, Mon 20/5 – Sun 26/5, Bar Bisou opens its doors and becomes a meeting place for design colleagues to meet after closing.

Participants: Ajja Arts, KOGL, Evelina C. Sandell, Felicia Hansen, Frida Rådlund, Gustav Carlberg, Hayclaygoods, Hsinhung Chou, Ida Mared, Jollygoodfellow, Linn Gölén, Luminousloke, Laerke Laura, Moira Nilsson, NMASA Design, Public Studio, Refraktar, Robert&Blad/ROBERTSON ReDesign, sa:k design studio, Snäll Arkitekter, Sophie Toresson, Victor Modin, ÅKA Studio, Nora Jebara
Location: BISe
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11 stolar - 11 historier


What is the driving force behind making a new chair? What is the common thread? Is the common thread visual or philosophical? We believe that a new chair is not really new unless it contains a new approach to function, construction, production, logistics, materials, industry or sustainability. If it does not have any of these qualities, then it is just “another” chair. A new chair must have an interesting story to tell, a new chair must have answers to all the whys that are asked of it. Is it beautiful? For us this is not a relevant question, beauty is only in the eye of the beholder. We want to make a difference and we love to tell our stories, so here are a few. Enjoy!

Participants: Blå Station
Loaction: Main location, Lokstallarna
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Klättra, gunga, balansera!


As a child you swing, you walk the balance beam using walls, sidewalks, fallen trees… and if you had the chance to grow up amongst trees, most certainly have you climbed them too, as high as your courage would take you. As our bodies are set in motion, we begin to play our way to new languages, intuitive and immediate, whatever age -young, old, half old. We laugh, we make use of our senses and imagination, sometimes on our own but more than seldom do we need a fellow passenger to join in our adventures.

Tamano Carpentry have built and created many playgrounds. Together with the artist and design duo Anna Senno (SE/FR) and Michel Cayre (FR) they have now set to create a whole series of installation pieces, for both interior and exterior, where the visitor is encouraged to converse and ponder whilst in motion -with one self or with the Other, quite like park benches where we meet with those we know and those we don’t.

This is an invitation to enable in our public spaces, with no obligation, a moment of internal and external conversation, an exploration and movement suitable for all generations to take place. A moment that surely could bring about more smiling and unleashing rusty thoughts in stiff bodies. An encouragement to take our selves less seriously and meet with one another, even in the overwhelming urban landscapes. 

Climb, swing, balance ! Is a series hopeful cry outs to our playful abilities presented in various size (in scale 1:1) alongside a scale model. The project is part of a joint exploration on the types of installations in the public space that could stimulate our physical, cognitive and poetic faculties paired with social ease between all ages.

Participants: Anna Senno, Michel Cayre, Tamano Specialsnickeri
Location: Main location, Lokstallarna
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Vem ska bygga, vem ska bo


During Southern Sweden Design Days Guldängen adventure playground will arrange a pop up workshop at Lokstallarna, where you are welcome to build living-quarters of all kinds. Let your hands and your heart care about the smaller beings, as you get a taste of the magic of Guldängen.

At Guldängen Adventure playground in Sofielund in Malmö, the kids are in charge. They decide what the place should look like, grownups can help if it's needed. Guldängen is a green, creative place for learning, where children can realise their own ideas. To be able to use hand tools, to paint, grow your own plants, and use all of your senses, empowers children. They develop a stronger sense of self, and self confidence, whilst their creativity flourish. We believe in the competent child that learns by facing challenges, and that kids in general can do and achieve a lot more than grown-ups usually think!

Participants: Växtvärket
Main location, Lokstallarna
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IKEA about the dawning play revolution


For us at IKEA, children and play are serious business. We believe that children are the most important people in the world and that play is learning for life. We have a unique point of view on play, that home is a great playground and we create a better everyday life through play. However, the recent global Play report conducted by Children’s IKEA tells us that parents today are carving the way for a dawning play revolution. A revolution driven by concerns for their children's mental well-being and happiness in an uncertain, ambiguous and ever-changing world. Many families would like to build more playfulness into their lives but feel that time, space, and money don’t allow it. In this seminar we will share more about these insights, how we work with design and product development from a child’s perspective and what we do to create more playful homes.

Participants: Anna Granath, Range Manager
SSDD Studio, Lokstallarna
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Utdelning av Region Skånes Designpris


Region Skåne's design award rewards good design of a product, function or service that is important for regional development. The award highlights the importance of design for sustainable development and promotes good examples that can inspire and motivate others. The award wants to encourage, engage and contribute to the public conversation about the importance of design for sustainable development in the Skåne region. This year, design duo Ateljé Schultz/Lindberg is awarded Region Skåne's design prize 2024 for the project Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene in Eslöv's city library and associated branches for three months in 2023.

Participants: Richard Gullstrand (Region Skåne), Ateljé Schultz/Lindberg
Location: SSDD Studio, Lokstallarna
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→ Explore the full program at southernswedendesigndays.com


Om Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center is the leading platform for architecture, design and crafts in southern Sweden. As an open and inclusive meeting place, we target a broad public of all ages and at the same time form a central hub for the industry. Through exhibitions, program activities, development projects and cross-sectoral collaborations, we mediate and strengthen our subject areas regionally, nationally and internationally.


Kommunikationschef – Form/Design Center
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Ansvarig strategisk utveckling av designbranschen – Form/Design Center
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Projektledare Southern Sweden Design Days – Form/Design Center
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