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25–28 May, the doors open to Southern Sweden Design Days

The Collaborator - Glen Baghurst

In 2 weeks it's time for Malmö's new design festival. With a packed program with over 160 program activities, at more than 60 different locations in Malmö, the city is filled with design. The full program can be discovered at southernswedendesigndays.com

Visitors can explore inspiring and innovative design – furniture, interior design, architecture, materials, fashion, textiles and crafts while discovering new areas of the city. This year's program spreads across the city, from Limhamn in the west to Valdemarsro in the east. A printed map can be picked up at all locations during the festival days or be discovered digitally in advance.

The purpose of Southern Sweden Design Days is to spread knowledge about design, architecture and crafts - with a focus on sustainability, cooperation, development and innovation. The festival is aimed at a broad public as well as professional visitors. The festival's main arena takes place in the old railway workshops Lokstallarna in the Kirseberg district of Malmö. Southern Sweden Design Days is organised by Form/Design Center.

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Highlights of the program

This year's theme for Southern Sweden Design Day's program is dissonance, with the aim to spark creativity and the desire to drive change in an existence that is abrasive.

det bränns jollygoodfellow


For two days, Lisa and Esa Tanttu, Jollygoodfellow, open up the studio and show the different parts of the project "Det bränns" (It Burns). Stinging nettle as fiber, nutrition, taste and visual image. The experimentation moves between textiles, paper and graphic prints. But also the nettle as a taste and of course the first impression, it burns. The plant that can be seen as a big problem or perhaps as a possible solution to several problems.

Participants: Jollygoodfellow Printing Studio, Tanttulunden
Location: Jollygoodfellow Printing Studio

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During spring, a new, colorful and sunny meeting place opened down by the sea in Limhamn. In a place reminiscent of Miami, you will find Swedenland Stranden, an oasis with a coffeeshop & bar, sunny terrace, design shop and ceramic workshop. During Southern Sweden Design Days, visitors will, among other things, be able to create unique vases in their ceramics studio.

Participants: Eva Gassne-Jeckelmann, Lollo Krüger, Karolina Ehnstrand, Christoph Jeckelmann
Location: Swedenland Stranden

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UNBUILT is a study of architecture and decay, and is the result of a research project on vacant houses in Porto, Portugal. Through the process of casting, UNBUILT forms an archive and abstraction of a ruination both petrified and interrupted. Solidifying snapshots from a building’s life, the casts intensify the already obscured relations between unfinished and ruined, shaped and haphazard, permanent and ephemeral.

Participants: SPARK, Julia Strömland
Location: SPARK

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BISe has become an obvious name in Malmö's restaurant scene since the opening last year. BISe is a place that strives to get away from clear concepts. In a group exhibition, a selection of designers has been invited to 'SSDD-ify' the venue and display objects in the restaurant. BISe is also dedicating its new bar "Bar Bisou" as the festival's official hangout for participants - Malmö's equivalent to Bar Basso during Milan Design Week.

Participants: Adam Roigart, Andréason & Leibel, Bloody Honey, Carl Fredrik Emrik, Christian Wilke, Ebba Lindgren, Emma Gudmunds & Mattis Rosenbaum, Evelina Björnqvist, Gertrud Olsson, Jenny Kåberg, Joan Pla, Jollygoodfellow, Karolina Brobeck, Kihnu, Klara Bonifazio Hedener, Koldbath Craft Kollektiv, Malmö Porslin, Mia Hultgren, My Comét, Poasana x Auran/Frankenstein, Pampas, Pauline Matika, Pontus Åqvist / Open Studio, sa:k design studio, Swedish Ninja, Vi På Ön, Viktor Johansson
Location: BISe

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The exhibition examines the boundaries between home and workshop, work and leisure, objects and spatiality. The exhibition space is a carpentry workshop where the scenography using fine carpentry are built and meet hand-printed fabrics and ceramics. The objects created are often used to give a home its identity. Local and small-scale crafts that carries more than one function.

Participants: LantzVarghans, Jerker Inredning & Form, Keramisk Form
Location: Jerker Inredning och Form

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Colored Meters is based on different dyeing techniques with the intention of broadening the understanding of the complexity of the craft. The members of the workshop have been invited to create a textile installation, a landscape of dyed, patterned fabric. The installation will highlight the unique expression and possibilities of the craft while questioning the contemporary attitude towards textiles as a quick and cheap product with a short lifespan.

Participants: Textiltryck Malmö, Margaretha Heijkenskjöld Holmgren & Josabet Wekmäster, Sigrid Holmwood, Sofia Kroon Walter, Marie Wetterstrand, Matilda Pernryd, Teresa Montesino Hammarskjöld, Karin Olu Lindgård & Matilda Ekström, Adrienn Görgényi Andersdotter, Jenny Andersen, Jenny Frank, Amanda Boierth, Pernilla Hultén
Location: Textiltryck Malmö

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Felicia Hansen calls herself a "Professional teddy bear killer". She takes soft and fluffy stuffed animals that have ended up as trash, deconstructs them and creates new objects and forms. Through the exhibition, Felicia Hansen wants to create an internal dissonance in the viewer, by placing familiar forms in a new, unexpected context. The exhibition is organised by Konsthantverkscentrum in collaboration with Konstfrämjandet Skåne.

Participants: Felicia Hansen, Konsthantverkscentrum
Location: Konsthantverkscentrum c/o Konstfrämjandet Skåne

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A festival for ecological culture in Malmö. The organisers of Locally Alien are not from Malmö nor Sweden even, but by learning about the city's ecologies they connect. To the place and the people and the city's development. The festival is an invitation to everyone who lives in Malmö to share crafts, culture, knowledge and stories. To find a new sense of participation and belonging but also to build social and ecological resilience to an uncertain future.

Participants: STPLN, Meadow Lab, Feral Malmö, Louan Wang, Gigs Tsikarishvili & Tauli Japoshvili, Garden Loops, Olivia Barron, Felicia Schipperges Tjus, Seda Özçetin & Yuxi Liu, Sorrel Salb, Studio Träda, Selwyn Mao, Alena Grahn, Selena Krivić, Emma Olevik, Ellen Bjerborn, Anna Schröder, James E Smith, Fabian Svensson Lundmark, Erik Sandelin, Paul Khadra, Stefan Andersson, Kate Saunders, Felicia Konrad & Johan Haugen, Connie Jehu, Charlotte Asbjörn Sörensen & Emma Thyni, Yellowbrenda, Club Real & Organisms Democracy NGO, Aga Pokrywka, Jana Pejoska & Mirabelle Jones, Mathilda Rosengren & Nicolas Keller
Location: STPLN

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The exhibition is a subjective interpretation of dissonance within communication. The project is based on the designers' own feelings, experiences and discussions, which have been put into a visual language using graphic elements, illustration and typography. The project explores themes such as self reflection, social strategies, setting boundaries, self expression and impressions. The project will be brought to life using riso-printing, a method that is inherently unpredictable, creating unexpected effects which mimic the dissonance within communication.

Participants: Love Granlund, Jonna Rosenlöf
Location: Mitt Möllan

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Sanna Holmberg, architect and ceramist and Stina Henriksson, industrial designer are both based in Malmö. Together they have created ceramic objects that highlight our fascination with the open flame and draw inspiration from fireplaces. Fireplace is a collection of objects that are both sculptural works of art and at the same time a functional circular system for the use and recycling of light, where each part has its own task.

Participants: Sanna Holmberg, sa:k design studio
Location: Olsson & Gerthel

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→ Discover more program activities at southernswedendesigndays.com


Om Form/Design Center

Form/Design Center i Malmö är den främsta mötesplatsen för arkitektur, design och konsthantverk i södra Sverige. I en unik kulturhistorisk miljö i centrala Malmö kan du uppleva utställningar, workshops och föreläsningar, eller besöka butiken och tidskriftscaféet. Form/Design Center är en plattform för branschen och driver olika hållbarhetsprojekt. Form/Design Center är utsedd av regeringen som nationell nod för gestaltad livsmiljö och officiell partner i New European Bauhaus. Form/Design Center startades 1964 som en del av den ideella föreningen Svensk Form och drivs idag med stöd av Kulturdepartementet, Malmö stad, Region Skåne och Statens kulturråd.


Kommunikationschef – Form/Design Center
Marina Jackler
Projektledare Southern Sweden Design Days – Form/Design Center
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